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As a result of the extensive network, the TALLO partners are quite often asked to solve problems or investigate questions. In most cases we access the network in order to add specialists to take the lead in delivering the right advisory.

Robotics company
We were asked to support a start-up in robotics in entering unknown areas of business. Our activities are limited to non-technical aspects and over time we have become their sounding & advisory board. Recently the company has won a beauty contest in an innovation competition allowing the founders to develop an advanced robotic system in a period of 2 years.

Introducing a Latin-American coastal engineering contractor to Dutch companies
By courtesy of one of our relations, we were approached by this Latin-American coastal engineering contractor. Since Dutch companies & institutions have a solid reputation in coastal engineering, the company concluded that partnering with Dutch companies & institutions such as dredging firms, coastal engineering firms, research labs, universities, governmental bodies would improve its position in consultancy, feasibility studies, contractual proposals, execution and maintenance of projects in Latin America dramatically. Initially the CEO tried to contact the Dutch Companies directly, but was not successfull. He asked TALLO to perform a survey and report the results. The CEO was invited to visit and meet the Netherlands; he was impressed by the number and high level of contacts realized by TALLO and asked TALLO to become the advisor to establish a Dutch forward post to follow up this visit.

IT Exchange Panel
Every 4 months TALLO heads a meeting of the IT Directors of the TOP 12 Engineering Consultancy Firms. The goal is that the IT Directors exchange knowledge, skills and experience in order to improve their IT environment.

Electronic mobility
TALLO together with a specialist on electronic mobility were asked to advise the management of a public transportation company whether is is usefull to introduce electronic cars in the company car park. The project is actual now.

Multicultural employment with the Ministry of Defense
TALLO was asked to answer the question:”Why youngsters with an immigrant background do not show few to nill interest in technical vacancies with the Ministry of Defense?”. We had interviews with youngsters with a Turkish, Morrocan, Antillian of Surinam background to answer this question. The very reason appeared to be that their image was created solely by the campaigns of the ministry. These campaigns very much demonstrate missions abroad, fighting and killing rather than giving an insight at the variety of jobs.

Network of Entrepreneurs
TALLO creates, drives and supports a community of entrepreneurs who have all one experience in common: they all were member of the same student fraternity at the Delft University of Technology. It is not a network like all other networks: meeting without commitment! Fully in line with its slogan: “Concept into Action”, TALLO organizes small meetings in targeting at generating business, answering questions and/or solving problems.

Application Development
TALLO was introduced to organize and share a brainstorm set of meetings for a startup firm in developing a specific consumer oriented application anywhere,anyplace, anytime, ant device. The brainstorm meetings were injected by specialistic and experienced consumer oriented professionals, providing the startup firm with lots of insights and information on: how do I introduce an app into the marketplace.

Charging systems for Electric Cars
TALLO was asked to actualize a possibly outdated feasibility study on charging systems in the Dutch public and private space. Given the actual situation and parameters TALLO concluded and advised that at that very moment in time the installation and exploitation of independent charging systems most probably will not be profitable. In connection with other activities and/or interests the possible profitability could change.

Solar panels on a villa
TALLO was asked to run a turnkey project based on Design-Build-Operate-Maintain of solar panels for a villa. Chosen was an in-roof high capacity solution with an esthetic design to allow windows to be integrated fully. TALLO will follow the operation over the years to come and gradually acquire expertise in this challenging field of sustainability.

PV Solarpark
TALLO was asked to convey a feasability study on the implementation and exploitation of a PV Solar park. We are in contact with all parties involved acquiring relevant data to run a businessmodel.