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We meet numerous enterpreneurs in different stages of their development who can benefit from support in their business acceleration and/or business development.

With our hands-on experience and our extensive network we are able to quickly identify the real needs, create market opportunities en introduce them in our network.

At this moment in time we actively support a number of entrepreneurs.

Higher level education meets business
We were asked to co-design the process of introducing a higher level education institute into our network in order to sustain the philosophy of lifetime learning & working. The format of education of this institute will change dramatically. The governors have made an analysis of (1) how can we increase the motivation of our students, resulting in a motivated choice for a specific line of education, thus reducing the high percentage of early exits considerably and the lack of interest as a result of a classroom-supply format of education; (2) as a result of an increasing dynamic and changing society, the need arises to provide education for life; (3) what can be done to neutralize the general complaint of businesses that education does not meet the demand. The governors decided that the format should be changed such that students & business travel together during life. We were asked to invite businesses in our network to sit together with the institute to produce a practical curriculum for the freshman’s course.

Foam cutting machinery
We were asked by a French foam cutting machinery company to assist in the sales and implementation of foam cutting machinery in the Netherlands. Over time we grew into the position of trusted advisor to this company establishing relationships with both prospective and existing clients.

Improving sounds & vibration engineering
This company is specialized in predicting the probably excessive production of sounds & vibrations in the early design phase of dynamic products, in jargon: NVH specialism. We were asked to introduce this company in our networks, in particular the car manufacturing market. After a period of research, we introduced this company to a French leading car label.

Smart sustainable facades
In the early days of this company, we were involved to provide the founders with external expertise on the development and production of window type glass. This resulted in establising an advisory board to the company. Meanwhile this company has grown into an essential player in the design of Smart Buildings by introducing Smartskin facades. They received numerous awards and prices, qualified as most promising developement.

Event registration software company
Over a period of years we incidentally support this company to address both general as well as particular sales oriented issues (like recruitment of sales, sales progress meetings, lead generation, funnel management). Meanwhile this company has developed into one of the most complete event registration companies in the Netherlands taking care of the a-z fullfillment of the back office of an event.

Customized electronics
We were introduced to this customized electronics company to assess their market opportunities. What we found were hightech electronics specialists capable of manufacturing the most complicated tuning solutions for virtually any application. Over time we have introduced them in several opportunities, whilst at the same time focusing on a limited number of products/solutions and last but not least: think along the line of benefit-function-feature rather than the other way around.

Internet of Things
The owner of this company wondered whether we could advise him in introducing his company in our network. Since there was an urgency in getting in touch with certain specific experts, we arranged several introductions. Over time we act as his sounding board – getting him out of his comfort zone and let him feel comfortable with non technological issues.

Electronic mobility
We ran into a specialist in electronic mobility asking to get introduced on a higher level in large corporations. We introduced the owners to one of our relations. Together we drove a project of introducing electronic vehicles replacing conventional cars.